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The Piggery Spa

Each lodge has its own private wood-fired soaking tub included in the price.

If you are looking to have a sauna then you can hire The Piggery Spa @ The Firs Suffolk.

The Piggery Spa @ The Firs Suffolk is for available for private hire for 2 hour slots.

11am - 1pm

2pm - 4pm

5pm - 7pm

8pm - 10pm

£40 a 2 hour session

The Spa Facilities include;


Plunge bucket

Outside shower

Showering and Changing Facilities

Relaxation Area

Tea making facilities and filtered water. Mugs and plastic glasses for use are provided.

Before booking please read The Piggery Spa Safety rules and regulations. By booking and paying for The Piggery Spa at The Firs Suffolk you have agreed to adhere by these rules and procedures. Also these rules applies to the hot tubs at the lodges also. Click here.

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