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Nothing beats cooking on fire! Whether you are just toasting marshmallows or your want to cook side of lamb. We have have a large fire pit for Argentinan parrillia style cooking or outside each unit you have a smaller fire pit to work off. You can also use the small pizza ovens to cook your own pizza in the space of a couple of minutes.


Coming soon is our Tipi experience, watch this space. Also in each unit you have the opportunity to cook on your Esse Stove.


Cooking on Fire

And remember stay safe, practice good fire safety. Always wear safety gloves. Never let children play with fire or be unaccompanied near any hot surfaces.  

Esse Stove Instructions

See link  on how to light the stove ... click here 

Pizza Oven

See link  on how to light the Ooni 3 Pizza Oven 3 ... click here
Coming soonSee link  on how to light the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven ... click here 

Lighting the large pizza oven... quick tips.. click here

Jamie Oliver Dough recipe... click here

Buy dough from Two Magpies Bakery

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